Daniel Gibson

The Boeing Company

Daniel C. Gibson (B.S. ’94, M.A.S. ’11 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University) is a Senior Human Factors Engineer with The Boeing Company. Before joining Boeing, Daniel served as an Assistant Professor of Aeronautical Science as well as the Northwest Florida Regional Manager for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Gaetz Aerospace Institute. Prior to his role with Embry-Riddle, he served for 20 years on active duty in the U.S. Air Force. He began his service as an enlisted aviator on the KC-135R as an Inflight Refueler, AKA “Boom Operator”. After burning through several of his “nine lives” on the KC-135, Daniel earned a commission as an Aerospace Physiologist.Highlights of his career while as an Aerospace Physiologist include serving as the manager for the Spatial Disorientation Countermeasures Program within the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Joint Cockpit Office, as the Chief of Flight Safety for the Air Force District of Washington, and as Flight Commander for the Aerospace Physiology Training Flights at Andrews AFB, MD, and Tyndall AFB, FL.. Daniel graduated from Embry-Riddle’s Prescott, Arizona campus with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Studies with concentrations in Human Factors Psychology and Aircraft Mishap Investigation. He then earned his Associate of Applied Science in Aircrew Operations from the Community College of the Air Force while serving as an Inflight Refueler. Later, he earned his Master of Aeronautical Science with concentrations in Human Factors and Safety Systems through Embry-Riddle’s Worldwide campus.