Hardware Factors

Hank Owen

HS Owen LLC / Lockheed Martin / U.S. Navy

Hank Owen (BSEE ’88 Northwestern University, MSEE ’95 University of Pennsylvania) has a unique mix of experience in radio frequency (RF) sensor theory and design, anomalous environmental impacts on RF sensors, and operational and engineering experience with tactical military sensors.  Hank’s experience spans from science and technology (S&T) level experiments to the integration of complex production systems and working in organizations that range from large defense companies to medium and small technology companies.  Hank has experience with a wide range of topics in signal processing theory, system level performance analysis of RF sensors, laboratory testing of systems, and field testing.  
While an engineer at Lockheed Martin in Moorestown, NJ, Hank led the first team to develop and demonstrate novel signal processing algorithms that enabled the generation of NEXRAD-like measurements on the Navy’s AN/SPY-1 radar.  As a contractor, he supported other efforts to translate this same capability to radars such as the AN/SPS-48E/G and the AN/TPS-75.  This experience forms a baseline to evaluate the usefulness of both repurposed and operational tactical sensors for novel applications. Hank previously served as a Surface Warfare Officer in the US Navy. He is now the owner of HS Owen LLC, a technology company. 

Working in the Hardware Factors subcommittee, Hank seeks to determine the capabilities and limitations of public and private assets to detect UAP through the selection of candidate sensors, optimization of their employment, and development of strategic collection plans.