Iya Whiteley


Iya Whiteley, (PhD, University of Bath) is an Aviation and Space Psychologist, and the Director for the Centre for Space Medicine, Mullard Space Science Laboratory, University College London, UK. By background, Iya is a Clinical Psychologist and Cognitive and Human Factors engineer, designing aircraft cockpit displays for rapid information processing and decision making, with the aim to enhance situational awareness of pilots. Iya understands that UAP related information is another variable that pilots must analyze in addition to all regular duties and responsibilities. Iya is looking forward to contributing to related cognitive processing and psychological impact studies, with the ultimate goal of improving safety of flight.

In the Space domain, Iya served as a Chair on a Space Environment Working Group (SEWG) advising to the UK Space Agency (UKSA) and was a member of the UK Space Exploration Advisory Committee, UKSA. Iya led the European Space Agency grants in creative problem solving using minimal resources, conceptualizing tools for psychological and social support during exploration mission to the Moon and Mars. Iya’s focus is on developing prevention and monitoring methods, as well as designing tools and training to improve Human Performance, which was also part of her work at the European Astronaut Centre in Germany. Iya is very fascinated of how expertise and professional intuition are formed and worked on a method for rapid capture and transfer of expertise among experts: astronauts and surgeons.