Jessie Jaeger

Rincon Consultants

Jessie Jaeger, MPH, MCP is an air quality specialist at Rincon Consultants, where she assesses the air quality, greenhouse gas, and human health and safety impacts of new developments in California. Domestically, Jaeger has conducted research on a variety of projects involving the evaluation of environmental conditions. Her recently published work focuses on the health hazards and risks associated with oil and gas development, production, and transmission in the U.S., and the characterization of groundwater resource vulnerability to produced water ponds in California. Jaeger has a Master of Public Health (MPH) in Environmental Health Sciences and a Master of City Planning (MCP) in Healthy Cities & Environmental Planning from the University of California, Berkeley.

Jaeger joined the AIAA UAP Integration and Outreach Committee to evaluate the potential occupational health and safety risks posed to aerospace personnel by UAP, with the ultimate goal of improving pilot and aircrew safety through the development of reporting frameworks and training protocols.